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DAFT Board Member Emeritus and Current Friends of the Detroit Film Theatre Board Member John Prusak alerts us to this trip to the Toronto International Film Festival:

Join the Friends of the Detroit Film Theatre (FDFT), September 8-11, for an exciting trip to the 36th Annual Toronto International Film Festival. Known as TIFF, this event is the leading public film festival in the world, screeing more than 300 films from 60 different countries. Widely regarded as second only to Cannes, TIFF is noted as the festival from which the Oscar race begins. Films screened during the 2010 festival included the North American premieres of The King's Speech and Black Swan.

Hosting the trip will be Elliot Wilhelm, film curator for the Detroit Institute of Arts and founder of the Detroit Film Theatre program.

For Full Info and Registration, please download the TIFF registration brochure PDF: FDFT TIFF Registration Brochure PDF

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