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DETROIT 187 in John’s Living Room

A scene from next week's episode of DETROIT 1-8-7 will look familiar to John Prusak. A segment was filmed in his living room. The cast and crew descended upon his home in Corktown to film an interview of a young mother by two detectives played by actors James McDaniels and Shaun Majumder. Lucky for John it was an interview and not a crime scene! The crew of 40+ were there for one day in November. Let's see how long that scene lasts in the episode. It airs on ABC next Tuesday, 8/Feb. at 10:00 PM. If you miss it, catch it on HULU. It's episode #1-14, "BEATEN/COVER LETTER".

The thing that struck John the most was how they lit the set. There was only one interior light used for a backlight on the actress/mother. All the other lights were exterior. It looked like a 10k light on the front of the house and another from the garden in the back. All the side windows each had 6k lights which made the living room brighter than 12 noon on a clear day. It was the brightest that John had ever seen it. Outdoors, it was evening in November and pitch black!

One Response to DETROIT 187 in John’s Living Room

  1. Sheila Binkiewicz February 24, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    Awesome John. A greatful former student from many years ago.

    Many Blessings

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