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IndieGoGo for DAFT & Film Fest

DAFT's Michigan Student Film & Video Festival Needs Your Financial Help. Support the Film Festival using DAFT's new IndieGoGo campaign.

Help Support Young Filmmakers

Help young filmmakers in Michigan realize their dream and see their work on the big screen.  On April 27, 2013 the Michigan Student Film & Video Festival will be celebrating its 45th anniversary with a screening of student films from across the state at the historic Detroit Film Theater at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Past winners have gone on to successful careers in the entertainment industry, even winning Academy Awards.

What We Need

By donating to the Michigan Student Film & Video Festival you can keep this tradition going strong. Proceeds will help offset costs of:

  • Promotional materials (posters, mailings)
  • Running full-day judging sessions
  • Printing costs for programs and certificates
  • Trophies and other prizes for winners
  • Expenses for accountants, graphic artists, coordinators, archivists, web-designers

What You Get

For your tax-deductible donation to DAFT (Digital Arts, Film and Television), you’ll get...

  • $10  A thank you in the program and DAFT website
  • $25 The above and a DVD of the Best of Show winning entries
  • $50  The above and two reserved seats at the April 27th screening
  • $100  The above and a pass for two to the Pre-Glow before the high school senior reel in the Detroit Film Theater’s Crystal Gallery to meet the young filmmakers and industry professionals.
  • $1,000  All of the above as well as a lifetime membership in Digital Arts Film and Television, including free admission to screenings and membership events.

Other Ways to Help

If you can't donate, we'd love to have you attend the event. It's free and the students would love a full house. Please help us spread the word! Link us on Facebook, Twitter and E-Mail!

The Michigan Student Film & Video Festival has been recognized and supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. DAFT was the 2006 recipient for the Michigan Governor's Arts Award for small non-profit organizations.

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