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Educators Appreciated at ProCam

DAFT would like to thank ProCam's owner, George Haddad, for hosting "Educator Appreciation Night" at his new store in Livonia, Wednesday, November 14.  Over twenty educators, students and professionals were present to see the store and its studio and to meet veteran makeup/special effects artist, Scott Kodrick, who shared his expertise in the industry, along with some of his props from recent films.  Students also heard first-hand the importance of hard-work and diligence in making it in a field that you love.

Kodrick will be directing his feature film in Hell, Michigan, Bruin Lake, a werewolf film, this April.  He even invited many of the students present to be production assistants during the filming.  To read an interview with Scott about his upcoming film, click here.

Keep checking DAFT's website and emails for more upcoming events for educators and students.

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