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DAFT Animation Wins National Award

John Prusak gathering news at the Newseum in Washington D.C.

The National Summit on 21st Century Readiness was held in Washington D.C. in early November,

2010. Over 300 people attended, representing national educational non-profits of all kinds, state boards of education, legislative representatives and various for-profit companies that deal with education such as book publishers and software providers. And DAFT was there.

John Prusak and Annette Frank attended the conference representing DAFT as the producers of an animated video. This 1-minute video visually represented the skills that students need for 21st century readiness and was screened to for the opening session. The animation was created in the summer 2010 Art in Motion Workshop. These teachers were part of the team that created the animation:

Marilyn Biernot-Hess, Kate BlairLynda GibsonNancy Gilliland
Ruth PrinceChris RosenbergJoanie RoehlDail Russell
Kathy SikanasAnna WaferMelissa Zendler

Annette & John in D.C.

John Prusak and Annette Frank in D.C

The purpose of the conference was to create dialogue with a variety of stakeholders about current state of education and how to shift to an enhanced skill set as we move further into the 21st Century. The 21st Century Skills organization has recently condensed the large cluster of skills they had previously defined into the 4 C's - Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration.

The repeated message was that these 4 C's needed to be threaded throughout the 3 R's. Those skills are among the skills fostered by media production and have been central to DAFT's mission since its founding.

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