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2015 Festival Senior Room 1

Senior Entry NumberVimeo URL (Value)Program TitleSchool Name
S2015-341 Emotional Dimensions of the James RiverMath & Science High School at Clover Hill
S2015-345"It Only Takes A Second" Texting & Driving PSAHenry Ford II High School
S2015-346"Gravity" Music VideoHenry Ford II High School
S2015-350 Like To Go Man GoArts Academy in The Woods
S2015-370 Highschool
S2015-372 Hard to GetVicksburg Highschool
S2015-373 Elliott StoryHenry Ford II High School
S2015-374 Henry Ford II Dodgeball TournamentHenry Ford II High School
S2015-377"The Elliott Story" DocumentaryHenry Ford II High School
S2015-392 EnlightenmentHenry Ford II High School
S2015-395 Short FilmWaterford Kettering
S2015-396 | A Michael Kettenbeil FilmWaterford Kettering
S2015-402 Will You Go With Athens TV?Troy Athens
S2015-404 PierTroy Athens`
S2015-405 Red Hawk in All of UsTroy Athens
S2015-406 FunkTroy Athens
S2015-425 Vann DocumentaryWestern High School
S2015-426 Williams DocumentaryWestern High School
S2015-429 Fostering CuriosityHome School
S2015-431 Gymnastics Boy's BanquetHome School
S2015-432 Summer Kamp 2014Home School
S2015-435 Kartoitus T.O.Milwood Magnet School
S2015-441 Country Day School
S2015-445 Essence of the City: KalamazooKalamazoo RESA
S2015-446 Art of ChalkEFA
S2015-447 Lake 2K14EFA
S2015-448 I WrongEFA
S2015-449 centerEFA/Epic Center
S2015-450 Music Video (kalamazoo Epic Center)Kalamazoo Resa
S2015-451 Video By: Sam PatrickFilm & Video Arts 1
S2015-452 McCormick Kalamazoo Central Music VideoKalamazoo Public Schools
S2015-453 PortraitEFA/Epic Center
S2015-455 Atkins-Pond HockeyEFA
S2015-456 50 People ProjectKalamazoo RESA
S2015-457 SendoffKalamazoo RESA
S2015-458't Tell Me I Can'tKalamazoo RESA

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