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DAFT Symposium Schedules*

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December 10, 2021 - Media Student Symposium

SessionTimeStage AEditing RoomClassroom"War Room" Conf Room in frontAudio RoomBack Stage
C10:35-11:20Movie Scene Shoot (Clark)Auditioning & Agents (Winkworth)News Production Tips (Kimbrough)Entering Contests & Film Festivals (Houser)Radio Stations & Broadcasting Careers (Stewart)Location Sound Crash Course (Viers)
LUNCH11:20 - 12:05Pizza lunch & Students Sharing Their Films
D12:05 - 12:50Movie Scene Shoot (Clark)Editing in Final Cut Pro (Kaufman)Becoming a Freelancer (Kuentz)Scheduling a Complex Shoot (McDermott)Makeup FX for Films (Diehl)
E1:00 - 1:45OBS vs VMix for Streaming (Kuentz)Getting Better Interviews (Kaufman)Animation Workshop (Mulligan)Scheduling a Complex Shoot (McDermott)Makeup FX for Films (Diehl)
F1:55 - 2:40OBS vs VMix for Streaming (Kuentz)(Presenter via Zoom) Adobe Character animator and more (Roche)Animation Workshop (Mulligan)Makeup FX for Films (Diehl)

(completed) December 3, 2021 - Media Teacher Symposium

SectionTimeStage AEditing RoomClassroomBackstage
Keynote8:30 - 9:00(Streamed) Keynote: Filmmaker Rola Nashef
19:00 - 10:15 AM(Streamed) Directing & The Film Industry Seminar (Nashef)Lenses, Stabilizers And Rode Wireless Go Systems (Kaufman)
210:30 - 11:45 AM(Streamed) OTT Platforms & the MyMI TV app (Walsh)Transitioning to College-Level Media ProductionDrone Piloting & Licensing (Bowren)
Lunch11:45 - 12:30Open CTE Advisory Meeting (Ad Hoc)
312:30 -1:45(streamed ) Multi-Camera/Platform Streaming Solutions (Bowren)Festival Entry Review (Houser)Curricula Sharing /COVID Impacted Instruction (Harbison)Pro Lighting Tips (Schroeder)
42:00 - 3:15OBS vs VMix for Streaming (Kuentz)(Streamed) Adobe Character animator and more (Roche via Zoom)New Gear & Gadgets (Wolbrink)
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